Three free Fortnite rewards for the first Horde Rush PvE tournament

Fortnite players will have the opportunity to win three free prizes as part of the first PvE tournament.

Epic decided to bring a breath of fresh air and host a PvE tournament instead of classic PvP. Everything will start in two days, specifically on October 23 at 1 a.m. EDT.

The tournament is to be played in the Horde Rush Mode, so if you care about the prizes, it is worth starting training. What are the rewards?

Three items in the tournament

Every 1000 points earned in Horde Rush count as 1 tournament point. The total score of the five games will be converted into tournament points, placing you in the world ranking.

  • Loading Screen – 500 points
  • Feeling Wrathful Spray – 1000 points
  • Ghoul-d Game Emoticon – 2000 points

(Epic has not yet announced specific prizes, they will probably appear in a moment, we only know what the loading screen looks like)

Did you do not do well with your current squad and want to fight for a better result? Replace your companions and try again without any penalty – each combination of squads will be ranked separately.

Qualified players will receive 1 reward per category (for example, if you score 2,000 points as members of 2 different squads, you will receive 1 loading screen, 1 Feeling Wrathful Spray and 1 Ghoul-d Game emote).