Epic brought one of the players’ favorite vehicles back to Fortnite without informing anyone

Yesterday, Epic quite surprisingly thought it was time to restore one of the vehicles.

Yesterday there was no update in Fortnite, but the developers changed something. With absolutely no information, players suddenly started seeing one of the long-retired vehicles in their matches.

Why, for what purpose, and on what occasion? This is completely unknown. The developers have not communicated this anywhere, and many people have even considered it a mistake.

Golf carts have returned to Fortnite

This is definitely one of the more surprising changes in recent weeks. Carts are available in normal Battle Royale modes. Perhaps it has something to do with the coming season’s end, but this has not been confirmed in any way.

For now, you can be happy if you are one of those golf cart players. There is a chance that they will be withdrawn again, but so far they can normally be found in matches.

You can see that developers are trying something out when it comes to mobility. As a reminder, shopping carts were brought back in Update 18.40, which is also the last patch.