Epic again accidentally gave Fortnite players a free skin. How did this happen?

Epic had an unusual slip-up during the night, which resulted in giving players free skin.

Epic has recently had a lot of such mishaps that allow you to get skins for free. This time it was strictly related to the FNCS. The tab with the tournament was bugged and showed that you need 0 points to unlock the skin and the backpack.

As a result, players who only joined the tournament got free skins. Epic realized what’s up after a few hours and took action right away.

Free FNCS skin

The tournament has in theory been temporarily closed:

However, it did not change the fact that many people had a special skin on their account, which one day will appear in the store, and is currently only available as part of esports games.

Does this mean some have been lucky and can keep their skins? Definitely not. Epic has issued a special announcement that the skins were granted by mistake and will be removed from players’ accounts.

So everything returned to normal after a while. The players enjoyed it for a few hours and then came the sad reality where the skins were simply taken from them.