Donald Mustard changed the banner and his Twitter location again. But only he knows why

Donald Mustard often tells players what to expect from Fortnite. Now, Mustard has dropped the bait again.

Donald Mustard got players used to changing his locations and banners – both of these always connected in some way with Fortnite. Now, Epic’s Creative Director has brought some confusion to the community again.

Of course, the banner changed, but interestingly, it changed twice in a short period of time. Probably to get more attention.

Once it was a version without colors, the second time with a certain color.

It was there before

Mustard also changed his location to “Princess bar”. Interestingly, this exact location was on his profile on February 25, 2022. Unfortunately, it does not say much. Probably only Mustard himself knows what it exactly means. Everyone else must take a guess.

The Princess bar is also a bar in Madripoor, which is related to Wolverine – it is possible that players will have some additional content related to this character. Potentially in a week – that is, during the next Fortnite update. However, this is just a theory that does not have to turn out to be true at all.