Another skin of the popular YouTuber will appear in Fortnite. Who will get their own items?

It seems Epic has quietly begun announcing a new set of Fortnite Icon items.

Epic introduces items inspired by popular influencers from time to time to Fortnite. Everything indicates that soon players will be able to buy the entire set with one of the YouTubers.

We are talking about a creator who has collected over 17 million subscriptions to his account and is definitely one of the most popular. His films can be controversial, but the same can be said for anyone dealing with Fortnite.

Who will get their skin next?

At the moment, it is not known when the skin will appear in the game, but according to leakers, Epic has started announcing it on their Discord. On the list with all skins from the Ikon series, there was a quote from a YouTuber known as Ali-A.

This may mean that he will receive the next skin from this series. You might know him, especially if you have been following the Fortnite world for several years.

This is not yet confirmed, it should not be treated as an official announcement.