A description of the Fortnite content update 19.01. New “Shield Keg” item and map changes

Epic today rolled out their content update 19.01.

To make it as understandable as possible, the full update will be tagged as 19.10, the current cycle is 19.01, so what’s released today is a content update for 19.01 – no 19.10 or 19.20.

Last week saw the unvaulting of Clingers, and now this week sees the debut of a new item. A perfect complement to Med-Mist, say hello to the Shield Keg! –  Epic writes.

Today’s update actually introduces two changes to the game.

A new item in Fortnite

Official description:

You can spray a Med-Mist — introduced in v19.00 — to restore your or your allies’ Health. With the new Shield Keg, throw it down to restore your whole squad’s Shields! This Shield fountain spouts more than long enough to restore a player’s Shield from 0 to 100. But be careful where you throw one down, as it can restore enemies’ Shields too.

The second change is boreholes – a purely “cosmetic” change, strictly related to the map itself. These will be useful in completing one of the challenges.

Unfortunately, nothing specific has emerged about the 15th Winter Festival gift, though Epic has reminded that the event is about to end.