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Among Us – Fortnite copying continues? The purple cube in Among Us

It might be assumed that this is a coincidence, but what are the chances that the purple cube has nothing to do with Fortnite?

Now the question of whether this signifies an upcoming collaboration, or is this how InnerSloth, the makers of Among Us, are trying to take revenge on Epic for using their mode. One thing is for sure – it has something to do with Fortnite.

If you’ve completely stopped following Among Us, then yesterday the biggest update ever made, including four new roles, was added to the game. The novelties also include cubes.

Coincidence? Don’t think so

It’s hard to say why InnerSloth used the purple cube theme. This one has no specific application at the moment, it appears in the trailer and is one of the themes. InnerSloth explains that the cubes were made because of an explosion. One of them was grabbed by a ship, bringing new cosmetic items.


Rather, no one doubts that this is a wink towards Fortnite, where everything now revolves around the cubes.

The players themselves don’t know what to think about it. Either a weird form of revenge or an upcoming collaboration is at stake. It’s hard to say which version is true.