All skins for battle pass 3 season 4 chapter Fortnite. For level 100 too

Epic itself pre-empted any leaks and showed all the skins that will appear in the battle pass.

It’s unclear why Epic did this, but the surprise won’t be there. The developers officially showed on their social media the 8 skins that will enter the battle pass in the next season 3 of Chapter 4.

Included in all of this is also a skin for the level 100 battle pass. As expected, it is Optimus Prime:

Battle Pass – Season 3 Chapter 4 of Fortnite

Leakers combined all the previous previews and came out with one concrete picture. Why did Epic show everything before the launch? That, unfortunately, is unknown. Maybe the developers were convinced that it would leak anyway, or maybe it’s part of a strategy. Either way, these are all the skins from the pass:

The three that weren’t there before:

There are many different opinions on the skins’ quality. The start of the season was scheduled for tomorrow.