A very interesting shield is heading to Fortnite that could stir up a lot of things

Leakers have already shown the workings of a shield that will appear in Fortnite in some time. Potentially, this is the plan for the next content update.

The shield looks a bit like it was carried over at least from Overwatch 2. It can be kept with you, as in the case of Reinhardt, or set in a designated place. According to the community, the item has a lot of potential.

In fact, it looks quite powerful. People searching the game files not only showed the appearance of the shield but also presented gameplay.

Shield in Fortnite

The mere appearance of this shield is not a big surprise. Epic already showed it in the trailer for the new chapter. Now it simply complements the earlier announcements.

It looks really interesting, one can guess that it will stir up a lot of excitement and potential controversy. Although, on the other hand, Epic probably won’t want to release it into competitive modes.