Fortnite players pissed at change that will heavily affect the amount of XP they receive

The latest update, according to players, confirmed one of the things that will definitely affect the amount of XP received in the long run.

The latest update was definitely received positively, with players finally able to get a lot of free items. However, there is one thing that has somewhat disturbed the positive perception, namely the weekly challenges.

It was these challenges that were a good source of extra experience points. Epic’s changes have made it harder to take advantage of them unless you play Fortnite every week.

Challenges will disappear after a week

In the simplest terms, weekly challenges will only be able to be completed in a given week. After that, they will simply disappear, and players themselves will lose the chance to complete them. Challenges that were left until the end of the season will be gone.

Many people I know and play with, including myself, don’t have time to do all the weekly challenges each week. – we read on Reddit.

At the moment, this is the most popular topic. Players are very vocal about the negative effects of such ideas.

Epic probably wants to encourage players to log in and play more often in this way. The question is whether this will definitely translate positively into the game itself.