A new item in Fortnite that will heal 75 health. How does it work and what does it look like?

Another item is coming to Fortnite that is closely related to healing.

Even before the 19.10 update, players learned about a new item that will be added in the next cycles. It is not yet known whether this is to be introduced in 19.10 or one of the next updates.

The item itself is described as “Burst Squad Heal”. It has the ability to heal the player himself, but also allies nearby. It will definitely be quite strong and sought after. In addition to the appearance and animation, leakers also got to its statistics.

A new, yet unreleased item in Fortnite

The item is interesting because it heals 75 health points. It is really a lot, especially since the final animation is to be quite short. The item is reusable, which means it must have a cooldown.

However, the cooldown is really long, 3 minutes. Maybe this will change, because “Burst Squad Heal” itself is not finished yet. As leakeers show, the whole thing is still unfinished, and the animation is only a placeholder.


It is interesting that Epic wants to release a healing item again. A moment ago, in Content Update 9.01, special kegs were released, and here is something else.