A Fortnite player spent more than 100 hours on it. This is a map project that was created completely from scratch

One Fortnite player created a map concept that reportedly took him more than 100 hours.

In the Fortnite community, various kinds of concepts appear practically every day. All in all, it is safe to write that we have seen not dozens, but hundreds of concepts of different versions of Fortnite island.

This project is special because it was created completely from scratch. One of the players created everything himself. Unlike the others, he did not take ready-made parts of the map and glue them together. So it’s worth showing what he came up with.

More than 100 hours of work

If this is true, the project took more than 100 hours. It was all drawn without downloading assets first.

Jest to więc projekt jedyny w swoim rodzaju. Gracz opublikował dwie wersje. Jedną z nazwami miejscówek, druga kompletnie bez.

There’s a novelty here that wasn’t there before, namely the red biome. In fact, it looks a bit like a leaked map for future seasons – it certainly looks similar to Epic’s employees’ first sketches of what the map might look like in the next few months.