How is the YouTuber Jarvis, whom Epic banned from Fortnite 3 years ago, doing? A surprising turn of events

The Jarvis case will probably be known to all senior players. The YouTuber was permanently banned for recording an episode in which “for content” he decided to cheat.

Jarvis is a YouTuber whom Epic had already banned three years ago. Everyone thought that his online career without Fortnite would die. And indeed, at the first moment, that’s exactly what happened. The YouTuber repeatedly asked Epic to unban him, while the studio remained ruthless in the matter.

We are 3 years after these events, and while most have forgotten, the world has definitely not forgotten Jarvis.

How did the YouTuber do?

2021-2022 were definitely the years of departure of youtubers closely associated with Fortnite. These ones started creating content unrelated to Epic’s production. Jarvis, in a sense, did it faster and started recording something completely different.

The result? In recent months, his views have hit 40 million per month. More than with Fortnite. It seemed that Jarvis and his fellow creators would simply disappear, meanwhile, they have done many times better than if they had stayed with Fortnite.

There are cases where YouTubers left Fortnite and either went great or hopeless. Many creators have exactly the same problem – the audience is only there for the game, not for them.

When someone listens to a YouTuber talking about the plot in Fortnite, the next day they won’t necessarily be interested in the vlog. Some people completely abandoned Youtube because of this, some continue to create it having a few thousand views each, while others just forcefully changed the content, and somehow it worked out for them.

Javis’ episodes have a few hundred to over a million views each. His videos are largely Shorts, which generate unnatural views – Youtube still heavily promotes this format.