This F1 car concept from Renault has generated a lot of controversy. Autonomous mode and 4×4 drive?

5 years ago, Renault presented its concept of the F1 car for 2027. It aroused a whole lot of controversy.

At the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show, Renault presented the RS Vision F1. This crazy work is to herald what the Formula 1 car will look like in 2027.

The concept looks really futuristic at first glance and has a lot of innovations that are not only interesting but also arouse a lot of controversy among fans.

How was the car presented and what was surprising about it?

In the pictures below you can see what the concept for the 2027 car looks like. Let us remind you that it was in 2017, so it was to present a machine that would be racing in Formula 1 exactly a decade later.

5 years have passed since then, but fans are still surprised by a 600-kilogram vehicle with a hybrid V6 engine, which would have had 1,360 horsepower.

The machine looks like it was taken from the future. The front wings are arranged in the shape of the letter “C”, which in some way “folded” may resemble the brand logo. The cockpit and the helmet itself are more transparent, as the designers wanted the driver to have better visibility.

According to Renault, the car of the future would have four-wheel drive, which was seriously considered in 2017. In addition, it would only be able to use electric mode and would be equipped with active aerodynamic components that are similar to the rear wing of the DRS.

The biggest innovation would be the addition of an autonomous mode. It would make racing safer, according to Renault, as the system would eliminate possible dangers. It seems, however, that there could be too much interference with the driving.

According to Renault, the F1 bolide of the future seems somewhat impossible to be fully realized in 5 years. Anyway, it is likely that some solutions will be implemented, such as the drive on both axles postulated 5 years ago.