There is a meme with the team director on the Mercedes F1 engineer bottle. This was shown in the video they released

This is by far one of the most original water bottles in F1. There is a meme with the Mercedes director.

There are also elements of humor inside the competition and the kind of pressure that is constantly present in Formula 1. These are really needed so that both drivers and engineers and all the rest of the team members can relax at times.

A great proof of this is… a bottle of water that Mercedes engineers have. On this one there is a meme with the CEO of the German team himself, Toto Wolff.

What do the meme bottles with the image of Wolff look like?

In the photo below you can see the bottles that the engineers of the Mercedes Formula 1 team have. Of course, this is a meme that appeared online in November last year after the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The bottle itself was featured in the latest Mercedes video that appeared on YouTube. You can see it at this link, while the item in question appears at 1:32 minutes.