More than half of F1 drivers have contracts that end after the 2022 season

It is very possible that there will be some squad changes in F1 after the season in 2022. The reason is the expiring contracts.

It is rare that so many drivers have their contracts terminated at almost one moment. This situation means that in the coming months, Formula 1 fans will probably hear about many big transfers.

As many as 10 drivers will not be bound, and they may stay longer in their existing teams or will simply change them. Who may be affected by these changes?

Pérez, Alonso, Sainz, and more great drivers

On the following infographic prepared by you can see all drivers whose contracts are expected to expire in 2022:

There are many big names among them, such as Pérez and Vettel, but Guanyu Zhou is a completely new face. The F1 rookie has signed a one-year contract and he has a chance to get renewed if he can really do well on the track, same with Albon.

Latifi, Schumacher, and Tsunoda may be unsure of their future. It is also difficult to say what will happen to Fernando Alonso, as the driver will be 41 years old when his contract expires, so it is very possible that he will choose to leave racing.