Youtube has banned the adult service’s channel, which had 900,000 subscriptions, after 8 years

Youtube has made a rather big decision regarding the banning of one of its popular channels.

The channel had existed on the platform since 2014, and it’s hard to say why the service has only now decided to remove it. After all, if there were numerous violations involved, they rather could have been detected much earlier.

Be that as it may, PH (an adult service with a yellow and black logo) has lost its Youtube account. It had accumulated more than 900,000 subscriptions over its eight years of operation, but you probably never came across it.

What is this ban for?

Few people even knew that such an account existed. Youtube decided that it only served to promote an adult service, so the channel was banned. Reportedly, a number of violations were detected there, but Youtube does not give any specifics on the type of violations.

Most likely, PH did not fit the overall profile of Youtube, which recently updated its content policy. It was directed at everyone who posted ambiguous things, such as ASMR in a rather skimpy outfit.

Will PH feel the ban? Probably not, because many people only now found out that the service had an account at all. Supposedly it was all about new rules, it’s supposed to be better, but no one really knows the final point. Everyone points to excessive linking and making Youtube a platform for advertising something that is only allowed from a certain age.