What kind of money is earned for sitting in a pool on Twitch? Amouranth’s record earnings

Amouranth shared information about how much maximum she managed to earn in just one month from Twitch and OF.

Amouranth still and consistently remains the TOP 1 when it comes to female Twitch streamers. There are weeks when some other girls suddenly gain more viewers, while after that everything normalizes, as Amouranth starts the stream from the pool.

About the fact that the streamer earns very good money, everyone probably knows. Few people, however, realize how much maximum she managed to squeeze out of her Twitch and OF activities in one month.

What kind of money is it?

Amouranth doesn’t have some big problems talking about money, and this was perfectly evident during one of her podcasts. The streamer revealed that she has managed to squeeze out a record $2 million.


To say that this is a paycheck just for sitting in the pool is of course an exaggeration because there are several people working on this whole project. Daily shoots, frequent streams, writing back to people on virtually all their messages – it has grown a bit over the years. The money is, of course, abstractly high, since we’re talking about just a month, but you can’t say that no one there is putting in any work.