xQc was so sure of France’s win that he bet a large sum of money. Reaction to the loss

xQc, a popular Twitch streamer, lost a large sum of money. For him, this is not a big problem – he used to lose larger sums on roulette.

xQc is a millionaire who is sometimes carried away by fantasy. And so it was also this time. The streamer laughed, and jokingly teased his viewers that France was sure to win the World Cup final.

As you probably know, Argentina won. So xQc had to settle for losing a lot of cash. The total was $500,000.

xQc’s reaction

xQc decided to withdraw the bet, leaving himself the entire $5,000. This was at the moment when France was losing 0:2. The streamer could have at least waited until the team equalized, which occurred – then maybe he would not have lost close to 500 thousand, but a little less.

The streamer also had a second bet for an additional $100,000. He bet that France would be the first to score a goal in overtime.


For xQc, this is not some big money. He will probably make it up with a few streams and some cooperation. On his scale, these are expenses that he probably won’t feel completely. However, you can always have a laugh.