A mishap during a Twitch broadcast. Didn’t know that a stream was on

It’s a rather funny and unthreatening situation. However, it’s easy to imagine how viral it has become.

There were many different instances when streamers have come out whether in towels or without them in front of the camera, convinced that there is no streaming at that moment. This time the slip-up involved the streamer’s partner.

A mishap during a broadcast

At the time of the normal stream, the streamer’s partner entered the room, who was apparently convinced that there was no broadcast at the moment. Fortunately, he was wearing enough clothes to not make their partner banned.

However, the reaction was so funny that it quickly went viral. The partner simply laid down and crawled out of the room.


These types of situations do happen, but naturally, they are not some incredibly frequent occurrence. It’s also easy to prepare it in advance, so it’s hard to distinguish when we’re really talking about a slip-up, and when it’s a planned action to gain more popularity.