Youtube employee scores a slip-up. He uses exactly what the platform is fighting against

One of Youtube’s employees in charge of content creation scored a strong slip-up, which quickly spread around the world.

You may not know, but Youtube itself creates content from itself. It’s nothing amazing, but actually, YT appears in Shorts with its materials. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes very much not, and other times very troublesome for the service itself.

Especially when it comes to a situation where an employee shows the use of something that the platform itself is trying to fight against in every possible way.

Someone won’t get a bonus

This was supposed to be a funny video showing the worst-case scenario of a moderator on Youtube. The problem came at the very end of the material.

Some have guessed, and others will only now notice. A Youtube employee in an official video from a Youtube channel demonstrates the use of an ad-blocking program.

This seemingly small offense shows that even employees, moderators or administrators on Youtube block ads for themselves. This is strange because, after all, Youtube could provide them with a paid version of the service. Of course, it’s quicker to moderate content without ads, but it’s surprising that people on YT itself use such programs.