You will no longer annoy your friends on Discord. Communicator with confirmation function

Discord has introduced another feature that the community has been asking for. Finally, there will be no random ringing.

Discord has been really trying its best lately. The latest addition means that people will finally stop accidentally calling their friends. Everyone knows that feeling very well, when by mistake, instead of writing to someone, you call them.

Instant Messenger has come out to meet expectations and added a special message that pops up before the call. However, you have to be careful, because it is being introduced in waves – not everyone is enjoying the new option yet.

What has changed?

When you want to call someone by selecting them from your friends list and PPM (right mouse button) and calling them, you will see a special message that you have to accept. The same for pressing the handset at the top of the window.

Of course, it is possible to make it so that this message does not show up again, but it is clear from user feedback that masses of people were calling by mistake.

If this has never happened to you, then there is nothing to talk about. Some will be asking how it is even possible to accidentally call someone, while others will be thanking Discord for solving their problem.