Yes, Discord has already changed the font, but you probably haven’t noticed. It has quite funny implications

Discord has changed its font as announced. It is difficult to say how many percent of users are already using “gg sans,” while it is indeed difficult to feel the difference at times.

“gg sans” is very similar to the font that has been in effect on Discord until now. That’s why many people didn’t even notice the difference, and that’s probably a good thing, because in a way that was the point. In any case, the font change has quite unexpected effects.

This is because part of the world has lost its special characters. The countries using Cyrillic have reason to complain.

How does it compare?

The new font is similar to the old one, and as a result, many people did not even notice much difference. This is what a direct comparison looks like:

The change is very subtle, so it is easy to miss. This is actually positive news. However, since some countries use non-standard characters, some people complain that they can’t communicate correctly:

One would like to write “oh no, anyway”, because, in fact, this is not a problem related to most countries.