xQc will probably get banned for this. A very specific avatar of one of the players

xQc is one of the absolute most popular Twitch streamers. Now he has scored a certain mishap which might get him banned.

Some streamers have been banned for it, so it’s likely that xQc will suffer a similar fate.

It’s not up to the streamer, while Twitch takes the consequences anyway, shifting all responsibility for this kind of thing directly to the person who broadcasts.

xQc with a probable ban

At the moment, the xQc channel is normally available, but this will probably change. The clip has been removed, but naturally, there are already many copies.

The full version – CLICK.

Such slip-ups happen even to the biggest ones, and people are very critical of Twitch’s decision to impose suspensions in such situations. This causes people to play less and less in new productions where their viewers, i.e. potential trolls, may appear.