Discord will introduce a basic function of Messenger, or Instagram – voice messages

This is one of the basic functions of Messenger, or Instagram, which masses of people use.

Sometimes it is much faster and easier to say something, instead of writing. It happens to be simply more convenient if we just happen to have something important to communicate. Therefore, many people will be happy that eventually, this option will also be available on Discord.

Unfortunately, it is not known when, as it is currently undergoing tests, but it is already closer than further until release. The only question is what the limits will be on the length of these recordings. After all, Discord may limit it to Nitro, for example.

Voice messaging & voicemail on Discord

The question is how this will work on servers. A lot of them will probably completely block the option to send voice messages because you’ll soon find that everyone is talking instead of typing. And then get everything listened to with additional trolls.

It’s a bit funny that a lot of voice-typical channels have turned into text channels, and now the text ones can turn into voice channels. It’s apparent that Discord has started to listen hard to users’ needs and has stopped focusing on small, insignificant features. Instead, it has focused on the big stuff.