Without premium, you will no longer watch Youtube videos in 1080p. The platform is testing whether this will pass

Youtube has come up with a brilliant idea. If you don’t have premium, you won’t watch videos in better resolution than 720p.

Youtube apparently decided it was making too little money. So some users saw a new position in the quality selection options. It makes it clear that quality above 720p will only be available with a premium subscription.

Premium costs $6.99 per month. Sure, in addition to quality comes the lack of ads, but it’s still not some great offer.

1080p only for premium?

At this point, Youtube is probably studying whether this idea will make sense. However, the new option is a fact, and there’s no fooling around with that here:

This is seen only by some, making it clear that testing of this solution is underway. The question is why “1080p premium” and regular 1080p appear here.