When you’re an anime fan and this is the first time you can touch… A guy caught on stream

More strangely, it looks like some kind of official opportunity during this event.

Streams from all sorts of events can sometimes be really surprising. Especially when it comes to events for anime fans. During one of the broadcasts, a streamer caught a man who was apparently incredibly excited to look and touch… To be fully honest, it’s even hard to write about.

At this point, it’s one of the most popular clips on Twitch of the last 7 days, and rather hardly surprising. Most will surely be surprised after watching.

Well, it is incredibly awkward

What must be praised is definitely the lack of any embarrassment. The guy simply wore a special glove and made his dreams come true. And maybe it wouldn’t have been noted yet if not for the follow-up.


Then, the man stood up and began to make strange movements toward the upper part of the figure. Sure, everyone has their own preferences, but it definitely looks quite strange.


The streamer then continued to be embarrassed because of what he witnessed for several more minutes, but this is hardly surprising.