How to edit an already uploaded TikTok? You don’t have to delete it or re-upload it

TikTok is slowly, but nevertheless, implementing the ideas that users propose. And so the option to edit videos has arrived on the platform.

Everyone knows the feeling when they have published some TikTok, but made a small, even minor mistake. The platform knows that this is quite a problem, which was usually solved by deleting and republishing the video.

Fortunately, that’s over with. From now on, you will be able to simply edit your video after it has already been uploaded. To do so, use the new icon, which is just starting to appear to users.

The option to edit a TikTok already uploaded

The new TT update includes several new features. Among them is automatic scrolling. Yes, the app’s developers have stated that users won’t even have to scroll anymore. Anyway, the editing option can be found here:

You have a total of 7 days from its publication to edit the uploaded TikTok.

If you don’t see it on TikTok then rest assured, it is just going global and may not be available to everyone.

You can edit the subtitles and “thumbnail cover”. It can be done only once a day, so you’d better do a proper job because the next chance will appear only in 24 hours.