Will it be banned on Twitch? A new update to VRChat models makes some body parts move

VRChat receives updates from time to time, which people use to add new capabilities to their avatars.

VRChat has already had its 5 minutes, while, as you can see, the production continues to develop further in a direction that may appeal to many. Playing with one’s virtual avatars has always been tempting, and now the physics of specific body parts are being added.

The upshot of this is that VRChat has re-emerged on many streams, both Twitch and Youtube. Quite a few clips appeared and became popular from the get-go.

This is what the future looks like

It will be very interesting to see how Twitch in general will approach this in the future. In theory, this is content that may one day be banned. It’s rather easy to see why.


For now, it is known that these are virtual characters, a gameplay element. However, there have been bans in the past associated with VRChat, specifically for highly suggestive scenes.