The streamer switched from Twitch to Kick to go full crazy. Viewers themselves didn’t know what was going on

Kick has a much lighter policy on streaming of this type, so it’s no surprise that streamers are starting to take advantage of it.

Kick is not Mixer, and is not subject to Facebook or Youtube’s rules. This means that the platform can allow much more than Twitch’s existing competition. Streamers have begun to take advantage of this in ways that might be expected.

This could be an interesting direction for Kick in general as a service that will welcome with open hands all streamers who like “slip-ups.” This one example shows just how far the boundary of what can be done is being pushed there.

A streamer who knows what she’s doing

Many people have written about this streamer, pointing out that it is a very strongly thought-out action. On Kick, it is practically certain that it will not get any ban, and at the same time, it is a form of promotion that… works.

At the same time, there are inserts of videos in chat, which are the use of the machine that appeared on Kick.

Full video – CLICK. Unfortunately, the clip has been removed. However, it is more reminiscent of platforms like PH, rather than a service focused on IRL streaming and gaming.