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Why was Pokimane banned on Twitch? This is the first ban in the history of the popular streamer

Pokimane is known by almost everyone, regardless of whether they watch her or not.

Pokimane is one of the most popular streamers in the world. In total, her Twitch account is followed by over 8.5 million people. Now the streamer has been banned and, interestingly, this is her first suspension in history.

The ban was imposed for watching the series “Avatar: The Last Lord of the Wind”. DMCA violations no longer apply only to music, some time ago they were also extended to series, TV programs, etc.

This is the first Pokimane’s ban

It is getting more and more popular to watch TV series, entertainment programs that are copyrighted. Streamers have concluded that if something is available on Youtube, it can be streamed on.

This is not entirely true, as more and more people are finding out. Pokimane was banned for 48 hours for watching Avatar – the streamer organized a watchparty by streaming the series mirrored.

As you can see, it didn’t do much. At the moment, streamers often watch old game shows that are published on Youtube, but it is quite risky.

People who watched Total Drama Island on YouTube, for example, received direct warnings related to the DMCA. So it all depends on whether the subject to which the copyright belongs becomes interested in the matter or not.

Pokimane’s ban will only last 48 hours, it is not too severe punishment, but rather shows that watching something mirrored does not protect you from getting a ban.