The Twitch streamer cried after a stranger kissed her on the street. The police were called

One of the streamers had a very unpleasant situation that ended up with calling the police.

One of the streamers dealing primarily with IRL broadcasts had a rather terrifying situation. During the stream, a stranger approached her and began to kiss her by surprise. After he was pushed back, he began to act aggressively, showing obscene photos on the phone.

The streamer reacted very strongly, but a moment later she simply cried. Finally, the police appeared on the spot.

Unpleasant situation on the stream

VOD has been removed, but the clip from the beginning of the whole situation has been preserved:


Then the streamer cried, the broadcast ended a moment later.


After a few hours, it became clear that the man for some reason “planned” this action with his friend. The police showed up but ended up taking an ID card.


It is not known how it will turn out, but this is not the first time that has happened. That’s why more and more streamers go out with someone, instead of deciding to broadcast alone.