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The biggest scam on Twitch. More than 40 people were arrested for sending bits

This is probably the biggest thing when it comes to Twitch scams.

A few months ago, cases of streamers who earned about $ 25,000 (after conversion) with 600 viewers appeared. It was immediately clear that something was wrong here. Wrong enough that the services took care of the matter.

According to the Turkish media, more than 40 people were arrested in total, who were supposed to be involved in the whole procedure. The idea was to use a bits system to extract money from stolen cards.

40 people arrested

This is probably the biggest such thing when it comes to Twitch. How was it done? There was a group that stole cards and then collaborated with streamers. Not seeing anything suspicious in it, they agreed to the deal.

So people with 500-1,000 viewers suddenly earned $ 30,000 a month. Of course, it was suspicious. So much so that the matter came up on Reddit. The wage jump looked like this:

You can see that initially, it was small amounts of $ 30-700, then there was a sudden three-month jump to $ 18-30,000. Now things have gained momentum. According to the “dailysabah”, a total of more than 40 people who were allegedly involved in it were arrested.

It is difficult to say what the penalties for something like this may be and at what stage it all is. Certainly, the police already have suspects, evidence and probably in a few months, there will be information that sentences have been passed in this case.