Twitch streamer criticized for aggression towards the dog. He figured that people envy him

One of the popular streamers was quite aggressive towards the dog. It was immediately caught by the Twitch community.

GsxrClyde is a streamer watched by over 115,000 people. During one of the last broadcasts, he was quite aggressive towards his dog, who, leaning his front paws on the desk, wanted to grab something that the streamer was holding in his hand.

The influencer treated the dog so harshly that it bumped into a mini-fridge behind the streamer. People saw it as breaking the ToS.

What does the streamer say about the situation?

The whole situation gained publicity because the TTV community reacts very strongly to any signs of aggression towards animals.


When the streamer was really criticized, he figured that there are snowflakes online that envy him for success, so they try to harm his career.


Twitch has yet to take any action, but it is expected that the platform will somehow intervene. It is not throwing a cat for which one of the streamers was banned for, but it is definitely a manifestation of aggression.