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Gordon Ramsay finds out what Twitch is. What’s better, the platform answers and invites him to cook

Twitch has been around for a while now. Streamers watching Youtube, TikTok,s or TV programs make up a large part of the platform.

“Internet Review” has become quite normal on Twitch. In the past, people who simply watched YouTube videos were even ridiculed, today it is done by the biggest streamers. Hardly anyone is surprised to see compilations of accidents, TikToks, TV programs, including those about cooking.

Many people follow Gordon Ramsay and his shows. The streamers even organize whole marathons of watching them together. Funnily enough, a streamer appeared on Gordon Ramsay’s show.

Gordon Ramsay learns about Twitch

A streamer appeared in the program “Next level chef”. Gordon asked her what she was doing in life. She truthfully replied that she was streaming on Twitch. The chef’s reaction to these words quickly became a meme.


Then, from his official account, he wrote directly to Twitch asking what it really was.

The entry gained immense popularity and fueled the whole situation. Twitch cut in on the conversation and immediately offered to cooperate.

It is completely unclear whether something will come out of it, or whether it is an innocent exchange of words.