Why are people canceling MrBeast? Youtube’s TOP 1 has a problem because of one thing

MrBeast is currently the most popular single YouTuber in the world. Therefore, any of his actions can turn into something not very positive.

MrBeast is the YouTuber with the most subscriptions in the world when it comes to a single creator, not, for example, entire music or movie labels. The TOP 2 is PewDiePie at the moment, but the difference in subs is huge.

MrBeast has 136 million subscriptions, while PewDiePie has “only” 111 million. With such a scale, it’s easy to understand why sometimes some gestures can end up very badly.

Cancelling MrBeast for chocolate

MrBeast released his own chocolate product some time ago. There would be absolutely nothing controversial about it if it weren’t for a post in which the influencer asked viewers for help. All in all, there is still nothing amazing here.

The Youtuber asked viewers to help him in situations where chocolates are completely smashed on store shelves. The idea was for fans to properly place the chocolate if they see it scattered.

And people have actually started to do it. Is there anything wrong with that? It turns out that some circles perceived it as an exploitation of the audience.

The whole action turned into a little drama. People were supposed to correct the chocolates on the shelves, but instead, they started destroying them on purpose.

In short, some people felt offended by the fact that a millionaire is asking for help for free. And hence all the fuss, which will probably soon be completely forgotten, while for the time being there is quite a buzz about it.