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Watching “girl streamers” on Twitch, which are turned backwards, can be quite a surprising experience

Many different people stream on Twitch and some of them sometimes like to troll.

Watching Twitch it is not difficult to find streams, the “main dish” of which is simply the appearance of a streamer. They don’t have to say much, just be there, dance a little and that’s about it. There are streams on which it is even difficult to distinguish whether it is live or whether it is VOD.

Men know it well, sometimes they laugh about it, other times they troll. Currently, on TTV, a clip is gaining huge popularity, in which theoretically you can see a female streamer turned backward, but…

“Is that Belle Delphine?”

Different streamers are now getting the same clip. Here it turned out very funny, because one of them was convinced that he was seeing Belle Delphine, a popular influencer. As a result, he was twice as surprised.


In such situations, you need to be extremely careful, an incorrect reaction may or may not lead to a ban. You cannot speak negatively or also positively (if a given person does not wish to do so) about other people, especially about protected groups or Twitch partners.