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He gave a Twitch streamer over $ 3,000 to talk to him. A priceless answer

Different people watch Twitch, some follow TTV just to watch the gameplay, others want to chat, others pick up girl streamers.

Streamers often receive various, often very strange, offers from their viewers. Many people, for some reason, think that money will get them a private conversation, meeting, and maybe something more.

Most of these attempts to impress end up with the streamer merely thanking you for the donation and the offer. In this case, however, it was different.

Streamer’s reaction to $ 3,000

One of the viewers of the streamer known as “Maya” insisted on a conversation, gave lots of donations, and in one day he donated 3,000 dollars.

In one of them ($ 200) he asked to talk after the stream. Maya definitely had other plans and at first, she only replied that she never talks to people just because they give her money.

Then she said:

“No amount will make me call you, I’m rich”


What else needs to be said here? Many people forget that these top streamers really are rich, Maya has over 575,000 followers, it would be rather hard to pick her up with money.