Twitch’s most controversial streamer announces her departure. Amouranth finishes an era

The constantly changing Twitch regulations, a lot of pressure from the platform community, and a lot of controversies translated into the official end of the career. Well, kind of…

Amouranth is a nickname that even people completely unrelated to Twitch know. This is the streamer who really started the pool transmissions to become popular.

It was definitely fun to see how websites and media, completely unfamiliar with her, described the streamer’s subsequent moves in investments. Now it ends in part. Amouranth announced her departure.

Retired “e-girl”

Amouranth is a person who knows the market very well and made the most of her five minutes. She made an incredible amount of money from OF, which she then used for investments.

Now on her Twitter account, she has announced her departure from OF and will stop posting controversial photos.

Opinions that this is the end of her career spread throughout the Internet, but it is hard to believe. It’s more likely that the streamer will just stop making so much hype around herself and focus on what other influencers are doing – posting photos to Instagram, game streams, and maybe some more interesting dance broadcast.