TOP 2 in Call of Duty had a slip-up and showed his cheats during a stream on Twitch

TOP 2 in Call of Duty Vanguard ranked queue had a slip-up that has already happened to several people – the player showed cheats during the broadcast on Twitch.

Such situations have happened in the past. TOP 2 in the ranked queue in Vanguard was to use cheats. While broadcasting on Twitch, at one point he accidentally activated cheats.

What was happening on the screen was commented on by him in a quite funny way, because he explained it with a lagging computer.


It’s only for skins

Streamer explained that he used cheats only to unlock special skins – and then he could not turn it off. Of course no one believed it.


Then the player added the entire explanation of the situation to his profile. According to him, he bought cheats recently, before breaking TOP 2. Few people actually believe it, most people comment that the streamer should be banned on Twitch as well as in Call of Duty.

This is probably how it will end. Twitch bans for using cheats, and so do COD developers. So bans are really just a matter of time.