Twitch streamer banned for her Raven cosplay from Teen Titans. Already announces the pool

One of the popular Twitch streamers was banned for her Raven of the Teen Titans cosplay.

STPeach is a streamer known mainly from the LoL and Just Chatting categories. She is watched by over 1.3 million people, but now, when you enter her channel, you can only see information about the ban. Interestingly, the reason was cosplay.

It’s hard to say what Twitch saw in it, but the streamer is already joking that it’s time to set up the pool and insure yourself against possible bans.

What was this cosplay like?

Most likely, Twitch meant the lower part of the outfit, which in some way resembled a swimsuit.


Of course, there would be no problems in the pool, so it’s hard to say if the streamer really intends to invest in a pool and put it in the room “just in case”, or maybe it’s just a joke.