Twitch will allow streamers to run more ads by the end of the year. “Profits will increase 2.5x”

Twitch sent out information to its partners about the possibility of increasing their earnings. What does this mean for viewers?

The end of the year is always best for your ad-driven internet business. Twitch decided to give streamers the ability to show more ads. Appropriate information was sent to partners that they could increase their payouts by 2.5x.

The whole thing has been called “Ads Manager bonus” and it is possible to run longer ads.

Valid until the end of the year

The principle of operation is very simple, streamers will be able to display longer ads. The action lasts from November 1 to December 31, which is simply until the end of 2021. It can be suspected that Twitch has acquired new advertisers and wants to take advantage of this.

For viewers, this means they have to prepare for more ads to run longer than normal.