If you have the money, you will be popular streamers. Twitch has officially launched “boosting” for money

What seemed like a relatively distant future is now being officially tested.

These aren’t just plans anymore, Twitch has actually launched a new feature that allows you to reach new viewers. This causes great controversy because it is about greater exposure of streams for money.

According to the majority of users, this is a way to earn additional income and to inflate statistics on streams. At the moment, this only works for people who live in the US. Thanks to this, however, it is known what the prices will be.

Even up to $ 500

It can be compared to “viewbots”, which are still relatively popular. In this case, the idea behind Twitch is simple – you pay for better exposure of the stream and “recommendation”. The difference from viewbots is that those are to be real people.

At this point, you can pay a maximum of $ 500 for the boost. However, prices start much lower:

  • $ 0.99 for 1,000 recommendations
  • $ 2.97 for 3,000 recommendations
  • $ 4.95 for 5,000 recommendations

At this point, it is being tested by around 100 people who have previously been involved in helping Twitch with similar issues. If the experiment is successful, it will soon be introduced to other countries as well.


The most important thing seems to be how these “recommendations” will work and where exactly they will appear. Is it just the activity bar on the left side, or maybe notifications or something else? It is not known yet.