Twitch streamer’s trick with duct tape to attract more viewers

Dancing streams continue to get a lot of views, although the girls have to constantly think of new ways to attract viewers.

It won’t be long before these types of clips disappear from Twitch, while for now, Korean girls continue to have good views and growing popularity. Especially when they dance to music, sometimes dressed in rather distinctive outfits.

It turns out that to attract viewers, some streamers use rather unusual tricks. Ladies are probably aware of this, while men are not necessarily so.

Why duct tape?

One of the popular streamers during the broadcast showed how to make panties attached to the abdomen all the time. The idea, of course, is that viewers should see them all the time. It’s hard to say who is particularly attracted by this, but as you can see from the results – it works.

A bit of a “lifehack” of streamers. If you’ve ever wondered how it all sticks, you have the answer. Now imagine having to endure several hours with such a tape, and constantly dancing.