This is how streamer Twitch puts the lid off the cake. No surprise there

Streamers sometimes already have certain habits, which then translate into viral clips.

There are a whole bunch of clips on Twitch starring female streamers who potentially do nothing strange, yet the clips have tens or hundreds of thousands of views each. In this case, putting the lid off the cake has already been watched by 117,000 people.

It would seem, however, that Twitch will be dominated by interesting plays from games or at least interesting situations from IRL streams. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bending down and putting the lid down

At a time when many streamers cover-up, not wanting to show their “backs” at all, some of them have a little problem with it. It’s hard not to suspect that in this case, Alinity didn’t do it on purpose.


Of course, it’s not about getting your hands dirty, although the clip certainly gained such popularity precisely because of this mishap. Definitely.