This “swimming pool outfit” is completely in compliance with Twitch’s regulations. The streamer does these kinds of poses

Some girls completely have no problem at all with wearing something like that and not getting banned on Twitch.

At this point, the pool is some kind of magic item on Twitch that allows you to dress in things that are not normally allowed. Funnily enough, you don’t have to bathe in this pool or even use it.

It is enough for it to be in a corner and streamers are not banned. Most girls use it simply to wear bathing suits, but there are cases where it is pushed much further.

And this is supposedly in accordance with the regulations

Dozens of hours have passed since the making of this clip, which has gone viral. If it were to get banned, the punishment would probably have already been imposed. The streamer wore what she believes is a bathing suit. The pool can be seen on the left.


Does it seem suggestive? Well, dancing games come to the rescue. There one performs “strange positions” anyway, so there is no more chance that someone will accuse something.


It looks quite funny when thinking of many other streamers getting banned. And here, the pool protects from it.