Twitch streamer’s mishap, who immediately had to hide. Something important fell off

Korean dancing streamers sometimes deliver truly unusual clips.

Most Twitch viewers will be familiar with all those Korean female streamers who dance on a split screen. People continue to watch it for some reason, though it’s rather hard to understand why.

One can only conclude from the number of people in the chat that it functions as a “distraction” on the second screen. Just like some shots of nature, or cities. Most probably, that’s how people treat it.

A mishap during such stream

Of course, there are also connoisseurs who follow all these streams, catching the most interesting moments on them. And so one viewer caught a mishap that severely embarrassed one of the streamers. After all, she had dropped something important.

Everyone, of course, was aware that it was a wig. After all, female streamers don’t change their hair colors for every streaming show. Anyway, casual viewers may have been a bit surprised by this sight.