Twitch streamers in danger? Their accounts are to be taken over on a large scale

It became big online about the problem that StreamLabs, additional software that is used by a lot of streamers, allegedly has.

StreamLabs is a very popular software used by streamers all over the world. The information appeared on Twitter that this software is a common denominator connecting people who have recently had their YouTube accounts taken.

The platform is said to be exposed to attacks, as a result of which streamers lose access to Youtube, but also to Twitch.

StreamLabs responds

It seems really serious, already a lot of people have disconnected their Youtube account from StreamLabs – people had it connected even for no good reason.

StreamLabs itself actually has the power to manage videos and do whatever it wants on the channel. Of course, this is related to the desire to provide the best possible services.

StreamLabs developers deny that there has been a hack or that their software is vulnerable to attacks.

The situation is quite uncertain, but if you are not using StreamLabs for your YT, and you have it connected, it may be worth disconnecting it.