Fire in streamer’s apartment while broadcasting on Twitch. Everything was completely burnt down

An unpleasant situation took place on Twitch. Initially, it looked relatively harmless, but today it is known that the entire apartment burned down.

rsn_radishboy is a Twitch streamer that isn’t very popular yet. It’s not about popularity, however. There was a fire during his transmission, at the moment it is not known what was the cause.

Streamer heard the alarm, went to check what was going on, went back to the computer, and called the emergency number. VOD is removed, but the clips show that after a few minutes the whole apartment was already in smoke.

Fire during transmission

The stream itself ended when the apartment was already red from the fire.


It was not known how this case ended or if anything happened to the streamer. After a few hours, he spoke on his Twitter saying that everything was burned down.

It is definitely a sad situation, most of the time fire was under control when it happened on a stream. In this case, unfortunately, there was not enough time.