Twitch streamer was banned for an abstract reason and lost 100,000 followers

One of the streamers was banned for… impersonating herself. A classic Twitch error, which after an hour was fixed. Except that it wasn’t quite fixed after all.

“ZeplaHQ” is a streamer you probably don’t know. There’s no surprise, while you need to know enough that she already had more than 250,000 followers. She was banned because of “impersonating” herself.

Twitch recognized this as a mistake and after an hour the channel was restored. What’s better, the streamer didn’t know at all that she had been banned in some way. Only the viewers themselves informed her about it, and that too in a slightly different way than one would expect.

Ban with loss of watchers

With bans this is fairly normal, while it does not occur every time. It’s easy to imagine the surprise of a streamer who had 250,000 followers, and after Twitch’s mistake, suddenly this number dropped to about 80,000.

The streamer probably wouldn’t have found out about her ban at all if it hadn’t been for the viewers who started writing that they had to sub to her again.

The issue became popular, so the streamer was recognized by Twitch. The watchers were restored. Such things sometimes happen, and one should not be particularly concerned about it.

Of course, not everyone needs to know about the fact that sometimes watchers disappear, so the streamer’s reaction was most understandable. The ban itself is also quite surprising – impersonating yourself on your own stream is quite a feat.